What REAPit Wallet is Going To Solve.

In this present world, money makes the world go round and that’s why payment gateway are still the best and fastest vehicle people use to move the money from one place to another.

We think being able to send payment at the same page you chat is not just a cool idea but its going to solve a whole lot of problems. We are going to add functions that will allow people to move their cash (fiat) to crypto. We are removing the pain of having to make payment without leaving your chat.

We believe the world would be truly decentralized if payment becomes a very easy thing to do. Logging in and signing out of exchanges can be very hard, especially for non-crypto person and that’s why we’ve created social media chat based wallet that help you carry out this actions.

REAPit’s concept is simple and built around 3 mechanics: tip fellow defi investors, governance, & burns. Through REAPit you’ll be able to tip, swap, and stake.