REAP staking on

Fellow REAPians,
REAPit Wallet has officially launched a new high-yield activity. Stake your REAP starting from 2021–04–08.

The staking reward formula:
Durations types and APYs — 10 DAYS — 25% APY
30 DAYS — 52% APY
60 DAYS — 78% APY
Minimum amount per one staking — 1000 REAP

Staking REAP will take on Latoken exchange and futhermore, it will allow REAP holders to enjoy more rights. In addition to obtaining fee discounts and participating in governance, by staking REAP on Latoken, REAP holders can receive REAP rewards based on the number of REAP staked, therefore sharing REAPit Wallet’s growth. Latoken Staking allows users to hold digital assets in a secure, staking-only wallet managed and organized by Latoken and users receive digital assets as rewards.