Introducing REAPit Wallet on Binance Smart Chain.

The support from early users on REAPit has been nothing but amazing. This massive growth have then given us courage and we’ve decided to integrate REAPit Wallet on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for the following reasons:

• Very low gas fee

• Very fast transactions for sending, receiving and tipping.

REAPit Wallet will still function on Ethereum and other blockchains will be introduced soon but gas fee on deposits and withdrawals on ERC20 tokens will now be paid by the user. We’ll be responsible for gas fees if its under BSC, BTC, DOGE and LTC.

Why BSC?
The goal of this community is to create a smooth and easy payment system for all kinds of users maybe in Defi or not.

At the moment, Ethereum’ L1 seems to be giving a lot of our users a though experience in depositing and withdrawing tokens due to increase in gas fees. Now we have to chosen BSC because its fast and cheap.

According to what we have on our whitepaper, we’ll be burning some huge tokens. This is to make sure the price on exchanges doesn’t go below the initial goal. The total supply of REAP tokens that will be burnt is 50, 000,000.

More updates soon. 🚀💯

REAPit’s concept is simple and built around 3 mechanics: tip fellow defi investors, governance, & burns. Through REAPit you’ll be able to tip, swap, and stake.